2 OraQuick ADVANCE ® HIV Home Tests


  • 2 OraQuick ADVANCE ® HIV home tests.
  • Discounted
  • FDA approved
  • Oral test
  • Result in 20 minutes

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Product Description

  • 2 OraQuick ADVANCE ® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Tests
  • Discounted
  • FDA approved
  • Very accurate
  • Shows result in 20 minutes
  • Made in the USA

The OraQuick test works by detecting HIV antibodies. To perform the test, you take a swab of your upper and lower gums and place this in a tube with a developer liquid for 20 minutes. If two lines appear on the test stick, this indicates a positive test result. It means that HIV antibodies were detected and the virus may be present. If only one line appears, the test result is negative, so no HIV is detected..